Cases Calendar


The Tribunal has jurisdiction to consider and hear matters relating to:

Name disputes

Name disputes relates to decisions on disputes about company names reservation, including a defensive names, or use of the name, or the transfer of any such reservation or registration.


Exemptions involve decisions on exemption from appointing a Social and Ethics Committee, Related and inter-related persons and control, and Anti-avoidance exemptions and substantial compliance.

Annual general meeting

Annual general meeting (AGM) relates to decisions on Extension of Annual General Meetings and Application to hold AGM.

Directorship disputes

Directorship disputes involve decisions on applications for removal of a director based on ineligibility, disqualified in terms of section 69 (other than section 69(8) or incapacitation to the extent of being unable to perform his/her director’s functions.


Reviews relate to review of compliance orders of CIPC as well as Notices of CIPC in respect of the appointment of a company secretary, auditor or audit committee.

Alterations of MOI

Alterations of MOI relates to alteration of the company’s rules, or its Memorandum of Incorporation, a director or shareholder of a company, may apply to the Tribunal for an administrative order setting aside the notice of an alteration.


This includes applications for condonation, substituted service and applications that don’t fall within our jurisdiction.