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 July 2024

Q:  Are you a shareholder, a director, a legal practitioner/representative of a company?

Q: Do you have a Company’s Act related dispute that needs adjudication/mediation urgently during this lock-down period?


The Companies Tribunal can assist quickly and without charging for its services. Members of the Tribunal are willing and ready to assist you. Now! The application process is simple and quick. Anyone can do it.


To submit your application online on the Case Management System: Click here

To submit your application by email: Click here


To submit your application manually, sorry, you must wait till after lock-down period!

But why would you want to do that? You are under lock down! You may not travel!


Submit on-line. Quickest Process. Quickest Results.

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Contact: 012 394 3071// 012 394 1000


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