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 June 2024

Enq: M. M. Ledingwane

(012) 394 3800

Owing to the national state of disaster in respect of the Covid-19 pandemic and the consequent lock-down announcement on 23 March 2020 by the State President of the Republic of South Africa, the Tribunal had declared dies non during the continued office closure. The offices of the Tribunal were closed from 27 March 2020 to 15 June 2020.

This confirms that the dies non period which started on 26 MARCH 2020 ended on 14 June 2020. 

The Tribunal may consider dies non in relation to amongst others, compliance and or reporting matters.

For more information please contact M M Ledingwane.


Dr M A Chicktay

Companies Tribunal


Dies non in simple terms means “not countable for legal purposes”. This being a legal concept, it will be interpreted and applied by the Members of the Tribunal appropriately in relevant cases.

The office closure meant that management and some those core staff that had the necessary equipment’s operated remotely. This amongst others negatively impacted on the time frames within which the Tribunal normally processed applications.