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Posted on 4 Aug 2017
Case number: CTR003/06/2013
Case type: Others
Decisions Status: Dismissed

The applicant is bringing an application against the five respondents seeking the following orders:-
a. Trading shares between shareholders not according MOI of the company.
b. 2012/2011 and 2011/2012 AFS not true reflection of company’s status.
c. False valuation documents (Prospectus) regarding value of property.
d. Erecting buildings on property not complying to Local Authority/Dept of Agriculture’s regulations (Reckless).
e. Breach of directors fiduciary duties.
f. Breach of confidence in Director.
The respondents are opposing the applicant’s application and have raised five points in limine.

Decisions and Orders

Date of Decision: 27 Nov 2013

Decisions Status: Dismissed

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