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Posted on 2 Nov 2018
Case number: CT017Jul2018
Case type: Name Disputes
Decisions Status: Granted

The applicant, in terms of the requisite form (i.e. COR.9.1) lodged on 09 July 2018 with the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (the CIPC), the respondent herein, proposed for reservation the name “DU PREEZ”. She explains in the current application to this Tribunal that she intends to practise law, ostensibly with other individuals, under a professional company or the so-called incorporated law firm.

The respondent refused to reserve the aforementioned name citing existence of “Confusingly Similar Name[s]” on its database or registry of company names in a notice responding to the application. A list of names, considered by the CIPC to be “confusingly similar names” to or identified to be in conflict with the applicant’s proposed name “DU PREEZ”, is given on the Form COR9.5 (i.e. “Notice Refusing Name Reservation”) dated 10 July 2018 sent by the CIPC to the applicant.

Decisions and Orders

Date of Decision: 31 Oct 2018

Decisions Status: Granted

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