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Posted on 5 Jun 2017
Case number: CT010FEB2014
Case type: Others
Decisions Status: Granted

In terms of the documents filed with this Tribunal, GRAND PARADE INVESTMENTS LIMITED (Registration Number: 1997/003548/06) is the applicant. Ms. Lazelle Parton is the deponent to the affidavit filed in support of the application. She introduced herself as the company secretary of the applicant and asserted to herself authority to bring the application on behalf of the applicant, but did not furnish proof of or details of the source of her alleged authority. The issue of authority to bring the application is very important and therefore, the absence of proof will definitely be influential in respect of the order made herein. I will return to deal with this later.

Decisions and Orders

Date of Decision: 8 May 2014

Decisions Status: Granted

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