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Posted on 1 Mar 2022
Case number: CT00896ADJ2022
Case type: Name Disputes
Decisions Status: Granted

Objections (in the form of the main application under case number: CT00846ADJ2021 and counterapplication under case number: CT00896ADJ2022) with regard to the use of the name “RED ROCK RIVER CAMP” by either applicant in the two applications. Objections based on alleged confusing similarity between the two names, as envisaged by section 11(2)(b)(i) of the Companies Act 71 of 2008. The counterapplication is also based on sections 11(2)(a)(i) and 11(2)(c)(i) of the Companies Act on the bases that the impugned name is the same as the applicant’s name, and that the impugned name falsely implies or suggests or is such as would reasonably mislead a person to believe incorrectly that the respondent is part of or associated with the applicant. The objection in terms of the main application is upheld with no order as to costs, but the counterapplication is dismissed with no order as to costs.

Decisions and Orders

Date of Decision: 1 Mar 2022

Decisions Status: Granted

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