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Posted on 31 May 2017
Case number: CT004NOV2014
Case type: Reviews
Decisions Status: Postponed

Mr. Rabogwe Kgari received a notice in terms of Form COR9.5 dated 08 April 2014 from the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (the CIPC) advising him that the CIPC refused to reserve his proposed company names. It appears from this document that Mr. Kgari had proposed for reservation four names in his Form COR9.1 dated 03 April 2014. The proposed names were“INFINITY”, “INFINITY GROUP”, “INFINITY CONCEPTS” and “INFINITY BUSINESS”. The CIPC stated in the aforesaid notice that, “conflicts were identified” and “Comparative Name Exists” with regard to each of the four names.The notice further reflects other names next to each of the names proposed by Mr. Kgari. I assume the latter names to be those identified by the CIPC as conflicting with or deemed to be “comparative names” to those proposed by Mr.Kgari.

Decisions and Orders

Date of Decision: 4 May 2015

Decisions Status: Postponed

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